Grill Maintanance Tip 2 Flare ups
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Grill Maintanance Tip 2 Flare ups

By wakefieldfi944846, Jun 20 2017 03:20PM

Grilling to much food at once can cause flare ups! Save your food and grill from a grease fire.

Flare and Flavor-

Grills have a way of delivering flavor back into your food using drippings and grease. Flavor bars are most common. These drippings fall onto the heated metal and vaporize. This infuses your foods with delicious grill flavor. Flavor bars are shaped over the burners so that the grease does not clog your burner holes. Greasy foods like burgers and chicken wings can overwhelm the grease management system and can cause flare ups or even a grease fire. Keeping a spray bottle of water next to your grill can save your food from being ruined. Just lightly spray on the fire and this will put out the flames. (or use the beer in your hand..)

Putting less on at once and spreading out the food is a great way to prevent grease fires. HAPPY GRILLING!!

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