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Accessories for fireplaces

Pulling in top-of-the-line add-ons and accessories from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, you'll have access to every fireplace accessory imaginable.


We have the largest inventory of Weber Accessories in the area. Stop by and browse through our showroom to see more!

All the accessories

you could ever want

 • ECO Fans

 • Stove glass cleaner

 • Stove gasketing / cement

 • Log racks

 • Log holders

 • Log carriers

 • Hearth rugs

 • Fireplace screens

 • Ash buckets

 • Log grates

 • Fireplace gloves

 • Wood stove dampers

 • High temperature stove paint

 • Chimney cleaning supplies

 • Creosote removers

 • Wood stove kettles

 • Fire starters

 • Thermometers

 • Tool sets

 • Ash vacuums  

Accessories for grills

 • Brushes

 • Grates

 • Charcoal

 • Chimney starters

 • Smoking accessories

 • Flavored wood chips and chunks

 • Flavored grill pellets

 • Burners

 • Drip pans

 • Grill covers

 • And more

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